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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
I understood it perfectly. Perfectly enough to know this is all theoretical. What is or what is not possible can only be known once it is tested. There is no practical application here to test yet. So, we don't really know whether it's possible or not. An assertion is not a fact.
It's not all theoretical.
The Math is Theoretical and that's it.
The Demonstration is a reality. It is a phenomenon (Just like electricity is to lightning)
The Concept for practical use is Hypothetical.

All you were really telling us is that you're against something either in my post or in the article and my guess is that it's in my post. But you didn't come out and say it you made a vague negation. I oppose that. I can understand if you were attempting to verbalize your boredom with the information as irrelevant or obvious. Perhaps you're a brilliant scientific mind and you knew this before all the rest of us, but rather you and Kev rather just rolled in and said the equivalent of, "That bird will never Fly". Literally as though you were (and have before) against the concept of exploring these possibilities.

You said, "Lets not get ahead of ourselves" and "It's a "far off possibility". No one said it could happen in our life times, nor did anyone ever say lets dump a wad of cash on this project and get out there. NCC-73515 and myself were quite simply expressing what is normally called enthusiasm. Omegaman expressed a certain level of interest and enthusiasm just by posting it. Isn't enthusiasm in Exploration and Science normally encouraged rather than shot down or as NCC-73515 said...ridiculed? If the only thing there is to contribute about a positive step forward for all us is something negative or a shut down don't you have to doubt whether you care or like the progress that you saw? And doesn't that question the desire of a sociological strengthening through the positive information?

Sociology has never been my area but is it not the rules the rest of you live by and create (or apparently) destroy relationships? If you understood the article then what is this passive opposition to the enthusiastic discussion of the impact of it's possibility or entertaining the hope that one day we will travel among the stars? You guys watched it for entertainment but was it really just so much nonsense to you?

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