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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
Whether or not warp drive is possible is still at best an open question. These are little more than interesting intellectual exercises at our current level of technology. There is nothing here in practical terms that could lead to the production of warp drive. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

And if it is possible, it's a very long way off.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
The article clearly points out this remains theoretical with several hurdles to be overcome even if the theory was moved along to 'practical' stages. We remain unpossessed of all the understanding to make it work.

Like it says, in the 'far future'.................maybe.
It's like you two are communicating in another language.
It said more "realistic" & a "possibility" as in within the power or ability of someone or something. As opposed to Impossible. Not only is this exactly what I said before by means of demonstration of a quantum singularity it's an upgrade in thought and concept that radically reduces the power requirements from stellar to terrestrial. This is more than just being negative or miss reading the article. This is miss-comprehension and opposition to the idea itself. Doors are opening, information is expanding and yet our minds are tenaciously against it.

Originally Posted by Akula2ssn View Post
More hypothetical than theoretical. Not a naysayer myself, but there's far too many missing pieces in the theoretical aspect. Even if there weren't, it still remains little more than academic. Even with 100% efficiency, powering such a thing isn't even practical. Generally speaking, we aren't even within the ballpark of 25% energy efficiency. Thermal dynamics is kind of a b***h in that regard.
It's been hypothetical since Alcubierre broke the pseudo science barrier by applying mathematical logic to the problem. As a result the unanswered variables were:

Field Creation Method
Field Termination Method

Artificially speaking this developing idea has just brought the concept to not just a possibility (which it always was possible if not by humans) then to a human probable concept. And likely progressing our understanding of the universe such as we have with the Higgs Field and expectantly solving the problems of missing matter and energy will continue to update this concept. Time is really the only obstacle. So remember nothing is feasible by contemplating how it can't be done. We've gotten this far by imagining the impossible and devising possibilities. That's how flight was achieved that how nuclear power was achieved and that is how landing on other worlds were achieved.

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