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But I mean, even IF we reduced our emissions, it would still take time, so really, it would still be a danger to the current generation. Also, I think that the eco system has had time to adapt to compensating any real danger of a fireball earth, so really, isn't more CO2 output a good thing? Wouldn't we see a more lush earth? The best times on this planet occurred during a warming, where life was abundant, and it was hotter THEN then it is now. When people keep asking ti reduce CO2 emissions, my thoughts are always to ask why? Without CO2, we'd have no plants feeding off of it and outputting oxygen into the atmosphere. Past data has shown that there were higher outputs of CO2 when Dinosaurs roamed the earth then there are NOW, and life was Abundant then.
It would not take time to reduce the temperature rise. CO2 is a GREENHOUSE GAS. Not a radioactive isotope with a 100 year half life. Currently the planet isn't exactly blanketed in CO2 only industrialized area are. The effect in these areas is rising temperature which causes temperature and weather fluctuations moving normal flows of air like the jet stream by means of Hi Presure.

CO2 Smog is cleared away easily by storms and other air flow. It's our constant maintenance of these smog banks that is altering the climate. And eventually the CO2 gas will become prolific enough to trap more heat as the CO2 content of the atmosphere increases.

Stopping CO2 Emissions would have an immediate effect on planetary temperature because again it's light through a glass. Remove the Glass or the Light and the Temperature will drop considerably.


It's completely irrelevant when life flourished on the Earth in the past in comparisons to today. Life didn't have entrenched civilizations. Have you really done the research here? This is so simply and logical. You can't just listen to propaganda on both sides...Understand the physics involved.

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