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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
There's no denying the climate change. I don't care where the reports come from. One can see it with their own eyes, and feel it with their own skin. The planet's getting hotter. Honestly, I don't see Earth being habitable in about 100-200 years.

The oceans are becoming much more rife with tropical storm/hurricane activity. Hurricanes are essentially heat-engines, and the warmer the water gets, the more food for hurricanes is plentiful. This season's been pretty active, and thankfully we've only had one hurricane come through...and hopefully, our region's seen the worst of this season. Hurricane seasons are also becoming a bit more active before the official start and end of the season...not that the official dates set things in stone for Mother Nature; she'll do as she damn well pleases.
Pole shifting will take a thousand years maybe two. The effects are fare gradual than Co2 data shows. Infact there are two very obvious points to the C02 data that both the RIGHT and the LEFT sides of the issue fail to understand.

The Greenhouse effect is an INSTANT EFFECT.
You don't need to overload the Carbon Cycle in order to heat the Earth quickly. This is LIGHT we're talking about. It passes through the layer of Carbon hanging over our cities and the HEAT is trapped by the same smog.

If these smog layers were gone the planet would return to a more moderate temperature nearly over night. It wouldn't stop the caps from Melting, they were going to melt anyway now just a lot faster.

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