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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Incredulity is not a logical function of reason.
You presented conclusions that sustained your beliefs but not as result of deduction. This form of "reasoning" is a function of politics not over realities and empirical evidence and the reasonable interpretation of them.

The primary concern at the source of the denial is (anti regulation) and it's always extremely transparent as a means to continue business as usual.
Not at all, I've been doing studies on this over the past 4 years, and before that, I WAS a believer in the whole AGW issue, however I've noticed that things completely flipped when, even under raw data evidence BEFORE the computer adjustments were made, that the trend of our climate has been steady since 1998. When Al Gore and his flawed data was presented in "An Inconvenient Truth" I began to look into multiple sources, both Raw and Altered data, and was actually surprised to find out about the Hockey Stick sheet that was shown was altered in such a severe way, ti would make sense to believe that it would lead to panic and regulating messes in our Governments. Also, on a Ice Cap related note, it seems as though the Antarctic has shown MASS gains in Ice cover, which seems to make sense, seeing as how our planet always seems to compensate for Ice loss on the opposite sides of the poles each time. Anyways, I have no reason to be involved in this issue POLITICALLY, since I have nothing to lose or gain in this ongoing debate. I'm just a natural, purely scientific skeptic when it comes to this issue. I've seen no REAL evidence of a Global Warming, other than summers being hot, and Winter having colder than usual patterns, which unto itself is no sign of a warming. Also, something else worth thinking about: our planet is in the process of shifting our magnetic poles, and during such processes, its been proven that weather patterns start to go bat guano crazy during these times. Source:


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