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From the talkback thread on the most recent article regarding the BluRays:

North America: email OR call 877-335-8936
Europe: email OR call 01992 657 739 (UK)
So it looks like there is international support for these discs.

EDIT: Here's more from

Also today, a LOT of you Trek fans have been e-mailing to ask how you'll be able to spot the fixed versions of CBS' Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season One Blu-ray set on store shelves. We've just heard back from CBS and have the official answer: There will be "a red delta shield symbol near the top of the O-ring spine" on the packaging of the fixed versions. In addition, the corrected discs will have the same delta shield symbol in front of the disc number on each. We expect the fixed sets to start arriving in stores over the next few weeks - certainly well before the time Season Two streets on 12/4. So there you go.

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