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Originally Posted by Quark View Post
I disagree with you. There should be a need to see the movie because it redeems Batman and his reputation with the city of Gotham.
Dark Knight was just too close to perfect.
Rather Dark Knight Rises just had too many irrelevant scenes that does nothing for the outcome. I personally just didn't feel the climax was much of climax at all and the ending was rushed. I think it was so cliche'. I've seen far better.

If Dark Knight was a 10 then Dark Knight was a 6 for me. Not necessarily bad but I've seen much much better.

Batman Begins 8/10 (Pretty Good)
Dark Knight 10/10 (Rocks)
Dark Knight Rises 6/10 (I've seen Better)

When I think about the Big Blockbusters of this summer and which ones were worth it and which ones weren't, Avengers Tops the List and Dark Knight ends the list. I was excited to see it but ultimately it was a mess of a movie. Love the Catwoman and Bruce. See it if you want to fill in the gaps and complete the series sure, but in this critiques opinion it's not a must see. I'm looking forward to September 25 2012 myself just for my own home enjoyment.

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