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Even though I'm inclined to agree, but there seems a be a certain philosophical shift that needs to take place in society before any progress can be made. Or perhaps it's a shift that needs to be made by those who are the most vocal and influential on such issues. It seems that when you take the extreme opposing viewpoints you get one thing in common which is the idea that there is humans, and then there is nature. One side is that humans are destroying nature. The other side is that nature will do whatever it wants regardless of what humans do. The truth is any organism has the capability to drastically alter its environment to its benefit or detriment. One extreme example would be locusts. Physical, behavioral, and social adaptations all contribute to the organism's ability to do so. Humans or no different. It's just that behavioral and social adaptations play a much much much bigger role for us (I mean let's face it. Humans aren't physically impressive as opposed to say a grizzly). The archetypes of the opposing viewpoints of environmental issues need to go away and we need to think in terms of 1) we are part of the environment and thus are inevitably going to alter it in some way. 2) because we will alter our environment, how can we do it safely and sustainably.

"Don't confuse facts with reality."
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