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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
This is unavoidable.
It's a train set in motion by hundreds of tons of CO2 and CFC dumped into our atmosphere yearly. While it's a small measure of the CO2 cycle it's the displacement which matters the most as well as natures inability to absorb the excess C02. Facts show it is staying in the atmosphere and not dissipating nor being especially being absobed by the oceans.

There is nothing we can do about the melting now.
What is to come is coastal flooding and weather changes which means there is an infrasturucture shift to occur in about 20 years with transportation, Levies and Sea Walls to guard against rising water and increased storm surge.

WRONG! CO2 is in no way shape or form affecting the weather. Michael Mann has intentionally hid the decline in his Hockey stick Chart. And its been proven by unbiased scientists that the temperature is rising BEFORE the increase of CO2. You can reference , and other references on the wattsupwiththat side links. I'm a natural skeptic when it comes to Anthropogenic Global Warming, and I really doubt mankind can have a major impact on the climate, even if we did turn on every powerplant and car in the world, it would still have a miniscule impact compared to Naturally induced Global warming. Also, since we speak of CO2 and Warming, lets not forget that 2 planets in our system has a CO2 atmosphere, and the difference between the two are 180 degree opposites of each other in terms of weather patterns. Mars has a 95% CO2 atmosphere, yet a normal temperature during the day is -67 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas Venus Is 96% CO2, and its average temperature consists of nearly 860 degrees Fahrenheit! Of course, Venus is MUCH closer to the sun than Mars, and it's atmosphere is thicker than that of both mars and earth. To say that CO2 is the leading cause is absolute hooey, otherwise Mars would be boiling as well, even at its distance! The only way we'd get a Global warming where the ice caps are melting, is if the CO2 levels were around that of Venus or Mars, and our atmosphere would have to be much thicker than it is. Thank God that we have plants that are able to compensate the CO2 levels, otherwise we WOULD be like Venus.


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