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My impression is that the discs are unlocked (as most ST BluRays are according to this site). And that they are *possibly* the exact same discs (regardless of region) on top of that. First thing I have to do upon inserting a disc is to select a language... and most of the options are European.

In a worse case scenario, I would imagine you could try the email address or phone number here (email's probably a lot cheaper for overseas long distance!) and ask who they would direct you to.

I don't think they would leave anyone out in the cold. They seem a little too proud of the expensive work they've commissioned. Both my replacement batches -original and accidental- came with a card of official apology. On the front is the final E flyby from main titles (with the tiny people in the officer's lounge). On the backside is a still from the VERY CRUDE pencil-and-crayon animation that you are actually seeing inserted behind those windows (priceless).

I have to go home and watch 'The Naked Now' on DVD. I have a feeling most of the effects are the same elements, different composition. Although the 'rock' in that ep's teaser looked crude enough that it just might have originally been an SD video effect. Seems to me the models always did look bloated and cheap in 'Naked Now'... but I don't think it ever occurred to me to be so obvious a thing as the wrong color of light reflecting off them.

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