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I like it. Not sure there were very many alternatives anyway.

It avoids having a number in it. What would you number it anyway? II? XII? Or maybe VII?

And it avoids the bloody colon. I think Lindelof was onto something when he said the colon embodies everything that turns people off of ST. A colon in the title literally translates as Star Trek: Yet Another Movie.

Also ST is short on names and catchphrases that could work without 'Star Trek' in the title. Enterprise is already taken. To Boldly Go sounds about as lame-O as you can possibly get. And there isn't really anything else I can think of that speaks in the way The Dark Knight does, in which people say "Oh I know... that's Batman, right?"

So instead they've found a title that plays on the name 'Star Trek'. It's not what I was expecting, but I don't know what I was expecting. It's better than anything I would've had.

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