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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
How's that disc exchange thing going?
Very well, actually.

There was a delay, because apparently CBS' quality control department found more mistakes than what they believed had been reported (including a missing special effect in 'Heart of Glory'). So it took them longer to fix everything and there was little communication or updates. But *supposedly* everything was fixed, and replacement discs were shipping by the end of the month.

I ended up with multiple copies because I both emailed and phoned them. By the time they responded to email, I had already given up and contacted them by phone. But then I didn't tell them that because I figured they would've gotten my information wrong over the phone anyway (most of the conversation had been them trying to hear my first name... too few syllables or something). So now I can buy the set for somebody knowing I already have corrected discs for them.

I got disc 1 of TNG through on rental today so am having a look at it. I already saw 'Encounter at Farpoint' from the sampler previously so really 'The Naked Now' is my first new episode to check out.
On the first disc, 'Farpoint' would be the episode to check for audio problems. The dialogue for the 7.1 track should be unbalanced (right and center).

Easiest way to tell though is to select the 2.0 stereo track (for 'Farpoint'); there should be a two-second lag in the audio during the OP (the rest of the episode is fine), so that Patrick Stewart is still reading "to boldly go..." during the warp/zoom/flash/title transition.

Looking back over, these are the episodes that were effected:

(dialogue is right and center -- unbalanced)

Hide and Q
The Big Goodbye
Too Short a Season
(dialogue is balanced, but comes out of right and left as well as center... which may cause an 'echo' on some people's setups)

(dialogue is not only left and right, but also comes out sounding 'tinny' or filtered in some places, as if spoken through a mic).

Heart of Glory
(missing special effect; security guard presumably gets hit with a flashlight beam pointing at his chest and falls)

The problematic discs are: 1, and 3-5. I have not seen most of them myself, as I sort of waited until replacement discs came in. I'll be checking them now though just to make sure I didn't mix them up.

Although it's barmy this was always a fun favorite of mine and the HD stuff looks good. I think they must have actually redone several of the visual effects though because some elements look totally different (the chunk of rock that destroys the Tsiolkovsky and her destruction looked pretty shiny and new) but it's still kinda like looking at them through clear glass after twenty years of seeing them through a fogged mirror.
Too lazy to go back over old Trekmovie articles, however I believe Mike Okuda said that the post-production process from film to video was not an exact science. One week opticals and pyrotechnics might be done on film and 'paintbrush' laser effects captured strait to video, the following week vice-versa. Models were probably shot on film most of the time, but I think even then there were exceptions. And I suspect things will often look different in HD even when the exact same elements are used (such as the 'vastness of space' shots in the OP beginning with S3). You've got me curious about 'Naked Now' (and come to think of it, they did show some differently-textured shots -seemingly from that episode- at the screening I attended).

'Looking through a clearer glass' is about how it was for me when TNG first hit VHS in 1991. Then again we had always had rather grainy (at best!) TV reception where I lived.

'Code of Honor' is next. Em...................yeah, not the best one to have to sit through!
I watched all of disc 2 a couple weeks ago, and I saw 'Justice' for the first time in I think 24 years. That may be my worst TNG episode ever as of now.

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