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Except that no-one on the studio side has actually confirmed Khan. Every mention of Khan to date is speculative and rumour based because Paramount/Abrams has never confirmed Khan. Yet.

Del Toro as Khan started because he obviously physically matches the Montalban look and then I think other Latino names were mentioned around the time. Which means it seems extremely likely that Cumberbatch is playing the same character. Even though obviously nowhere near Latino. In theory (only in theory though) if we accept the basis on which they created the alternate then everything up to the Kelvin should be 'the same' therefore Khan should still be visibly Latino. But no strict need to be a stickler that way.

It's not likely to be that much longer before official confirmation either way comes through. He's definitely prominent on the list of likely's however. But you know, looking at it the other way, the general obsession with Khan by fans as well would provide fantastic opportunity to exploit that constant noise as the cover for using another character instead. Deliberately keep everybody looking in Khan's direction for four years and then pull someone else out of the hat.

Of course, probably won't work out that way.
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