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I'll need to make another pass at VOY too to finalize my list of 'watchable' eps. The good news is I'll have already narrowed it down from last time I burned out on it it (which was 2006).

I also missed a lot of latter-day DS9 as I just no longer had time for TV in my final years of college. I think I'm fair in my assessment of the serialized nature of the show, which seemed sort of haphazard and arbitrary next to something like B5. However I'm confident there are at least a few nuggets in there I have not seen yet. So whenever I do resolve to marathon DS9, I seem to alternate between going the whole S1-7 vs just starting with S4-7. S4-5 I caught most of on the initial pass, however there's enough continuity that I wouldn't want to just jump into re-watching S6.

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