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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain
It was quite shocking but I think that is what they were going for. They didn't see him as the real O'Brien.
I agree and I think it works, if anything it makes you feel more sympathetic towards the replicant.

Just been chugging along through more of season 2, a string of rather mediocre episodes to be honest: Paradise, Shadowplay, Playing God, Profit and Loss. A few nice character pieces but some of it falls flat.

Blood Oath is quite fun, I'm glad they didn't try and make it too serious and opted to keeping it slightly lighter as otherwise it would have been embarrassing. One thing I'm steadily discovering is that Dax is probably one of the weaker characters of the show, I'm just not finding her that interesting. The symbiont stories don't really offer startling revelations and are difficult to relate to, Dax herself also doesn't seem anymore interesting then she did a season ago when the other characters are all developing and are more interesting to watch. Just my opinion of course, I'd be interested to hear from those who disagree.

Just watched The Marquis Part 1 today. A good story setting up a lot for the future, ironically used far better by DS9 than in Voyager! Is good to see Sisko getting knee deep in a situation spiralling out of control. I know from here on the season is a very strong one.
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