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That's what Bradley Maning thinks everyday while he is imprisoned without due process (there are laws for treason), that's what the Ecuadorians thought when the Brits were about to violate international law and storm their embassy, that's what the Russian business men and punk singers who had to endure show trials thought, that's what every Syrian fighting against the Assad regime thinks. That's also what somebody who lost his job because the company manager cheated or somebody who lost his house because of a giant financial scam thinks: Limit power, subject everybody to the law.
So democracy is not so much the rule of the people, this is indeed merely mob rule, but the subjugation of everybody under the law. Obviously our liberal democracies match this idealistic notion less and less. In Europe a technocratic elite rules which isn't democratically legitimized by the people and in America a president can kill citizens without the involvement of courts. It is not really melodramatic to talk about the emergence of a new Dark Age. And voting won't change a bloody thing.

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