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Not to be cynical, but I think you're missing a step there. For a government to be formed that is by the people, the people need to learn to get along first. Otherwise it will inevitably be an ineffective government and it will regress back to the current status quo.

In recent years I've taken a very George Carlin view of government. Here in the US, if we are to believe that our government is or was of the people by the people and for the people then if we are to believe that the government is broken, it's nearly impossible not to consider that we the people are broken. I mean the people we have in government don't just spring out of holes in the ground, and as far as I know they are human beings unless the robot overlords have already taken over. So it's probably safe to say that the people in government are the product of the people. So in other words, we the people are producing a rather s**ty product.

He's a bit more...intense...and pessimistic than I am on the matter, but he does make the point. Democracy and unity are not magical things of pure goodness. Like any human made system, a lot depends on the operator(s). That's what draws the line between elected leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler, or between monarchs like King Solomon and Vlad the Impaler. The difference what I believe and what Carlin says in that vid is that I do see good people would make good government leaders but the problem is that we have a highly entrenched system of politics (Not a system of government, mind you. Afterall, politics can shutdown government.) that prevents such people from getting far, and I personally believe that it's a system of politics that has also firmly taken root in the general population.

"Don't confuse facts with reality."
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