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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Thank, you Omega man, it's gratifying to see initiative and ingenuity come together to hep children become more. This is the extra loving effort that people in general need to express more of. If only there was more of this than casual ambivalence this world would be so much better a place to live in. If only unity and working together were a easy as this technology. You have the right idea, sir. This is exactly the kind of serious informative posting I prefer to see.
Thanks Saquist.

As the father of a daughter with a disability that requires both a walking frame and a wheelchair for her to get around I find these articles about exoskeletons extremely interesting.
My daughter has had several operations to try and reverse the disability. For most of her life she walked with her legs bent in a crouched position. A German doctor working at our children's hospital was eventually was able to straighten them using a variety of techniques such as tender transfers, rotating the femur and adding hinges to the knees and relocating the Patella. She can now walk several meters unassisted and is improving every day.

I might ad she's a braniac, she was consistently third in her year in every year at high school and now attends University three days a week and wants to be a writer. She's written her first book of a planned trilogy.

I drive her to Uni and physio every day. She's the only member on my side of the family who's ever gone to Uni. Her mother and I are extremely proud of her accomplishments.

The next TV Series should be called STARFLEET!
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