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I'm actually rewatching DS9 from the beginning as well and just finished "Whispers." I had also forgotten about "Cardassians" but did find it to be an interesting episode. I believe Sisko made the decision to give custody of Rugal to Kotan Pa'Dar his biological father because Pa'Dar did not abandon the child on Bajor as was originally thought. Pa'Dar was mislead in to believing that Rugal was dead. Had Pa'Dar abandon Rugal I believe Sisko would have granted custody to Proka Migdal, Rugal's adopted Bajoran father. A follow up episode a couple years later would have been great. They could have had Rugal visiting Proka on DS9 and we could have seen if Rugal still held the same prejudice towards Cardassians or if his views had changed.
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