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Default DS9 2×05: Cardassians

Have been rewatching DS9 from the beginning and recently watched the season 2 ep Cardassians. For those who haven't watched it it's about a Cardassian boy who was abandoned on Bajor and brought up to hate Cardassians. His biological father discovers this and wants to bring him back to Cardassia. Bashir and Garek do some hunting and it turns out that Dukat orchestrated the boy's separation from his original family in order to damage the fathers' career (important politician).

I enjoyed the episode, it opens up some great themes, such as the fact that there are several Cardassian children abandoned on Bajor, it also hints that some of the children are possibly abused by Bajorans wanting to exact revenge. The episode hints a little more at O'Brien's racism towards Cardassians and also emphasises the strong family bonds that Cardassians share.

The problem with this episode I had was that it never really went into any of these issues. The thing which made my jaw drop was when Sisko gave custody of the boy to his biological father when the boy had made it clear that he hated Cardassians and clearly stated he wanted to stay on Bajor. You sympathise with the Cardassian father as he comes across as a nice guy compared to the slightly evasive and crotchity Bajoran father (whom may have abused the boy according to a small bit of dialogue).

The episode plays more on Dukat's involvement and into developing Bashir and Garek's relaitonship. Both interesting things but I think it detracts from the more 'human' element of the story. I would have liked to see the arbitration of the boys' custody, more into O'Brien's feelings towards Cardassians, the general fleshing out of how Bajoran society treats these children and why they were there in the first place.

In a way this could have been a 2-parter, not an action packed edge of your seat sort but a good piece of drama which gets you thinking exploring relevant and interesting issues. Certainly be a lot more interesting that Melora and Rivals
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