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I would probably say (out of the ones I've seen anyway)

1 - The Avengers

In terms of being a purely entertaining and fun couple of hours with a witty script, plenty of eye candy action and a focus on the characters first before the action rolls around. It has it's little issues along the way, but since I was dubious about how even Whedon could pull off the film after the five intro films I think that he actually managed to hold it together AT ALL was impressive.

2 - Prometheus

A close second to The Avengers but it lacks the fun factor because it's interested in taking a different tack to it's audience. That said, while I found it quite rewarding to watch and discuss afterwards I'm still on the fence about whether Scott and Lindelof are winging it storywise or whether they actually do have a firmer set of answers to some of the questions posed in the film. Not that I think all of them should be answered, but they've still left things a little vague and I just can't decide to what level of deliberateness that is. Since I tend to make the assumption that Scott at least ALWAYS knows what he's really trying to do, I'm edging toward it being so. Beautiful visuals though and plenty to rewatch..............even if I felt that the final act was too rushed.

3 - The Dark Knight Rises

It's not that I don't like Nolan or his franchise, I just never thought they were quite as awesome as some of his bigger fans thought and I think he really dropped the ball here by littering his film with problems and holes that just stand out too obviously (even though going back there are problems in his previous two films as well) this time around. My opinion is that he didn't truly have his heart in coming back to finish this trilogy off but caved to fan/studio pressure and just took the easy way out in places. I also don't think it actually picks anything to really focus on thematically, instead throwing a whole lot of bits and pieces at you without committing to anything. And I also am not big on the finale either. I think he was capable of better than what he gave here.

4 - Ted

I'm hot and cold on MacFarlane, but I found this hilarious in places. I can't deny that. But it might also be like The Hangover for in hilarious on first watch but by the time I've seen it eight or nine times it's all worn off.

5 - The Amazing Spider-Man

To be honest, I kind of grudge even putting this in fifth place but I've reached all that I watched and can even rate! I can't say this one did anything but essentially bore me. The first hour is a lazy redo of the set up we all already know and the second half contains bad CGI and silliness. I just didn't like this one at all.

I also saw Snow White and The Hunstman (again, lovely and striking visuals but a rubbish story and Kristen Stewart really can't anchor a film this big) and Battleship (which was the worst film I've seen this year and I like the Transformers franchise so.............I just think if all you want to do is watch **** blow up - which is the only reason I like the aforementioned franchise - and nothing else then may as well get Bay in to do it, because Battleship was just an attempt to copy him which couldn't even get something as simple as blowing **** up right!)

I haven't seen The Hunger Games, but if we're going back to that time of year outside the summer season strictly the much hyped John Carter was also pretty much a dud for me as well.

Despite the middling reviews however, I do intend to catch The Bourne Legacy and also Total Recall (though I don't really expect much anymore from it now).

Not the best summer season in 2012 I thought, it had looked promising last year but in actuality it wasn't as strong as it had looked on paper.
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