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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Indeed, the Trailer looks great, especially the plants overgrowing buildings stuff.
But I doubt that the character from the show can make a Tell-esque apple shot like Katniss ... and of course she doesn't look as good as Lawrence.

LOL! Well, I only mentioned the appearance of the character, not necessarily here skills with archery.

And yes, the chick that plays Katriss is really hot! I will likely get the Hunger Games on Blu-Ray since I did not see it in the theater (mixed reviews).

And indeed, chator, there's a large audience for the post-apocalyptic survivalist genre.

Speaking strictly for myself, I love Falling Skies and am eagerly awaiting season two to hit DVD or Blu-Ray. Have yet to see Jericho. I also have season 1 of The Walking Dead, now just need to sit down and watch it.

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