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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
A lot of times, television networks will put out shows that are meant to be somehow, slightly similar big screen films recently released. In this case, I see a similarity between this show (which does look good) and The Hunger Games. The similarity is largely with the main female character, who reminds me of Katriss from the Hunger Games. (Manner of dress, weapons, etc.)
The dystopic/survivalist aspect is something we've seen quite a bit of on television recently. In the sci-fi genre, we now have Speilberg's Falling Skies, a couple years back we had Jericho, a show about a post-nuclear America, and more recently The Walking Dead, not to mention the tons of reality-based survivalist shows out there on various TV channels. It seems there's an audience for this type of survivalist drama.

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