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Citadel's Eavy Metal team can do some phenomenal stuff with miniatures. I don't even have a clue how they do it. Some of it is a matter of taste. Like the figure itself is labeled as Saint Celestine who is supposed to be wearing the armor worn by Saint Katherine. The armor is said to be gold plated armor. I personally don't like that, partially because I don't like using bright colors. I like having a darker more subdued look so there's a lot of effects that's seems to be harder if not impossible to get, at least with my current skill level. The other reason is that I find that the gold look kind of makes it very difficult to associate with the particular army that both Celestine and Katherine are from which is the Order of Our Martyred Lady. Their colors are primarily black red and gold, which I rather like. At least that's their current colors. I think they used to be brighter and they used to be called something else until the death of Saint Katherine and they changed their name and colors as a sign of mourning.

Another personal preference for me is that as beautiful as the work done by Eavy Metal is, I don't like messing a lot with painting shadows and highlights onto the miniatures. At least not to the extent that they do. Like they literally will paint the miniatures in such a way to create the look of a light source coming from a particular angle. It's incredibly beautiful for those showcase photos that they do for books and catalogs, but I personally don't like it. I rather let the natural lighting do that. So if I do play around with highlights I'm a bit more reserved with it and more subtle. Like the raised parts of the folds in the cloak I'll use a slightly lighter shade of red to highlight those but I don't do much of it. And again I don't even have the skill to do the kind of shading and highlighting that hardcore painters do. Their abilities create beautiful work both from a distance and up close.

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