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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Be warned, the miniatures seem to be made of a fairly soft rubber-plastic. The nacelles on my Enterprise are bent, and still in the box that I haven't opened yet.
Here's a quick fix for the bent nacelles if you ever decide to take it out of the package. Take a cup of hot tap water, about as hot as you can get it form the tap. Dip the affected section in the water for at least 10 seconds or until the plastic can be bent with ease. Straighten or bend the section as needed to correct the defect. The hot water should soften the plastic enough that it will hold the shape you want it. Then dunk it in cold water and let it sit there for however long you feel comfortable.

World of Warcraft had their miniatures of that same kind of plastic. It's durable but not necessarily cast in the proper shape. But the plastic is a pretty easy fix and is similar if not identical to the plastic used for the Star Trek and Star Wars micromachines.

I'm not a particularly big fan of the heroclix miniatures though I do like that they have them out there and they're great for the market that they're aimed at. I do have some of the Star Trek ones myself and they aren't terrible. While the plastic is soft it's still durable but that's kind of the same deal with the polystyrene plastic that most model kits are made of. You can get better detail with metal cast ones, but they tend to require more maintenance of the paint as they will chip from use on games. A sealant can be placed on them to protect the paint. Personally I use a layer of PVA glue which is cheaper. Warhammer has started coming up with their Finecast line of figures which are cast in resin. They have superb detail but are a lot more fragile than traditional plastics and cost a lot more.

Here's kind of a close up of some of the additional work I've been doing on it. Took some old decals from a tank and placed them on the streamers. Still haven't tackled the detailing on the bird she's holding.


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