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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
I wanted to but never got into it.
I haven't even put together my Enteprise and Excelsior models from 12 years ago.
Yeah I dug up the Excelsior the other day. Now that Polar Light released the motion picture Enterprise in the same scale, I actually want to build them together.

I actually have the Wrath of Khan miniature set that my dad gave to me. Back when miniatures were still cast in lead. Sadly the Enterprise that came with it has long since disappeared.

There are some, what appear to be, unoffical Star Trek ones out there but they're under a different name even though the designs are clearly Star Trek. I think some of the gaming miniatures are still produced in limited quantities but unfortunately variety is extremely limited and pretty much are TOS exclusive. Can't really find the FASA ones anymore though it was nice to see some of those designs resurrected with Bridge Commander mods. Think as a kid I saw some Star Fleet Marines as well.

Been dabbling for the past few months. Here's the most recent one I've done. Bit amateurish but it turned out overall better than I expected. Done a little bit more detailing since this picture was taken.


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