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I wouldn't go that far as remove the "pedestal".
He''s an accomplished director by rote. Recognizing his past skills in no way exemplifies him has a perfect deity of some sort. "success is not permanent and failure is not fatal."

failure is failure
Who knows what was behind this lapse.
If I had to guess it's the age old story of vaunted director and writer pressed for time or even creative differencences such as Sam Rami's Spiderman 3. What ever it is he'll have other opportunities to redeem himself and perhaps even recognize the errors but this is why I tell you constantly that judging a movie should be more about it's mechanics and less of an importance on it's enjoyment factor which is more often than not so subjective it's could even be called denial. Enjoyment is great, it's fantastic, but it doesn't tell us about the film it tells about the person watching it.

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