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Default Farscape

Any other Farscape fans. It's one of my favorite shows and probably the best Scifi show I've ever seen, and I think I'm going to work this year getting the series off of Itunes which just started this week. I actually consider Farscape the best written, produced, and acted show I've ever seen in my life. It was what everyone would look for in a decent scifi show: Shades of Gray/dark (But still had a lot of fun, unlike BSG), great characters to root for and feel the pain as they feel the pain, outstanding plots, standalone stories to accompany the overall arc (I really hate the term "filler" episode because if the episode doesn't stand well on it's own merits, than it's a bad episode) and just good storytelling.

On of my favorite episodes was the Aeryn/Pilot show "The Way We Weren't," which was the first episode I watched in Farscape and couldn't believe how awesome it was. I had learned a little about the characters through my brother, but this episode developed everyone in such a way that it really hit hard. You had Aeryn having to face the consequences of her past, her friends, except for Chrichton, kind of abandoning her, and in the end it brings everyone together, especially Pilot and Aeryn. Once I got around to watching the stuff that came before, I realized how special The Way We Weren't was and how Special this series could be. It's one of the reasons I actually prefer season 2 to season 3, even though both are excellent.
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