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Yeah, I enjoyed the first Expendables, (pretty fun movie) and look forward to the sequel. Also on my list, the Total Recall redux, still waiting to go see Dark Knight Rises...also want to see Wreck It Ralph!

Good to see that some action stars can still deliver, even at their ages. My favorite Norris movies were probably Missing In Action, Missing In Action 2, and The Delta Force. Watching TDF now is largely a guilty pleasure, but when I was younger, this movie rocked! I liked the up-tempo, if all-too-often repeated main theme.

And it looks like The Governator might actually have a bigger role in this sequel (I don't think he's governor anymore) and he's even listed in the star list in the trailers. They couldn't do that with the first movie because, to my recollection, he was still in office. I don't think they were even able to list him in the film's credits.

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