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Maybe mainstream is right, even though the evidence, not to mention common sense, is against them. But they win, anyway, for now, because right or wrong they’ve got the pulpit. It brings to mind a famous quotation:

New ideas come to be accepted, not because their opponents come to believe in them, but because the opponents die and a new generation grows up that is accustomed to them. --Max Plank

There is even controversy in classic physics with regard to how a siphon works, with one side citing air pressure and the other side gravity. Well, if you drape a piece of plastic tubing over a greasy horizontal rod, it will slip off, because the lower end is more affected by gravity and the tubing has the tensile strength to pull the upper end up over the rack. If liquid in a siphon hose had enough tensile strength to do that, I’d be okay with the gravity crowd. But doesn’t it make sense to think that in most cases it’s the increase in tensile strength of the liquid imparted by air pressure that makes siphoning possible? Some say a siphon will work with mercury in a vacuum. I doubt that’s been demonstrated, but if it works, I still say it’s because mercury is heavier and has higher tensile strength than gasoline or water (enough of both for a siphon to not require air pressure), but that ordinary siphons require both gravity and air pressure.
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