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Originally Posted by chator View Post
Well, that's exactly what the beginning seasons of ENTERPRISE did, IMO. Which is why ENTERPRISE is my second favorite series after TNG. You could also argue that DS9 and VOY were also attempts to do the same thing. Specifically, DS9 after season 3, with the shift turning to gamma quadrant exploration, and VOYAGER with the crew being lost in the Delta quadrant. DS9 and VOYAGER were failures at this due to the fact that both series were set in the 24th century. ENTERPRISE was able to distance itself enough in time and space to feel fresh.
I agree but but I also favour the second season (second season syndrome, TNG, DS9 and VOY also feature great second seasons) over the fourth. As great as the last season undoubtedly is, there is no exploring going on, they just cruise around the neighbourhood. So the very same conflict between being at the final frontier and exploring your existing cosmos, between singular and serialized storytelling appears in ENT's last season.
And while tieing the show into TOS and coming up with great stories in the process, i.e. not merely connecting the dots but creating something new while doing it, was terrific and done as well as never before it also limited the show. The best episodes are after all the ones most loosely connected to TOS, i.e. the Vulcan and Coalition of Planets three-parter, not the stories with the Augments or the Organians.

As much as I like ENT and as fine a show it is objectively, I doubt that the next Trek series should use existing continuity as frankly as ENT.

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