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Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
What Saquist said.

Either that or just plain lowbrow sexual humor.

You know, for some reason, if any comedian was to do a new take on the Bradys, I'd almost prefer Adam Sandler do it. Even as knuckle-dragging as some of his movies can get, there's almost always some kind of moral or social message to them.
...and I thought I was the only one that didn't quite go for Sandler humor. I mean I get it but I prefer Lucy and Ethel slap stick or HAHA funny like Rush Hour (The first one) to movies and shows like Anchorman and the Office.

Like I said, I get those shows. Michael in the office is incredible but I mean that as unbelievable and outrageous and it has a certain fascination but it doesn't get me to tune in regularly like say...Every One Loves Raymond, or Will & Grace (that's my thing) or even Big Bang Theory. I like wit and good writing. EVEN Friends was like that (for a while) I still laugh my head off at Phoebe and Joey and it's more than ten years old.

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