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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I mean, I just can't even fathom writing like that. It's a factory line approach. Once your franchise has come to that, I don't see that it even matters how many 'fresh' story ideas you have.
Interestingly, as I was rewatching the episode 'Tattoo' I decided to have a look at the Memory Alpha reference page for the episode (sometimes I do that for curiosity) and within are a couple of references from Micheal Piller over the behind the scenes production and creative issues that the series was grappling with.

I never knew that at one point 'emergency development meetings' had been held to 'get the show back on track', nor that even Piller himself felt that up until 'Tattoo' he had felt that 'the shows weren't really about anything'. Which I can reasonably concur with since everything up to that point is relatively fresh in my mind again.

What I'd like to do one day is actually take the time and embark on a mini-project to go through the MA entry for every episode of Trek ever made, because I KNOW there would be a vast reservoir of insight and information about the behind the scenes issues that would probably flip a perspective or two. But it would take a huge amount of time and need to probably be done in phases.
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