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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
To get back to the crucial question, I think that the attempts from the last decade to balance these elements, be it via innovating old aliens, balancing serialized and individual stories or rebooting the franchise itself, are too conservative and remain in this deadlock. There needs to be a more radical cut.
I don't know what more radical cut you are envisioning horatio. The task is to not veer too far off from familiar territory that what you are doing is no longer recognizable as Trek. Personally, I think Abrams has gone too far with his minimalist approach, reducing Trek to the bare essentials: humans, vulcans, romulans, and klingons, hand phasers, transporters, warp engine technology, a starship named "Enterprise" with same basic design (saucer, neck and body), shuttle pods with same basic design, the final TOS crew, the arrowhead symbol, with everything else subject to change. To me, these familiar externals is not what makes Star Trek what it is, or what it was.

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