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Let's see how badly CBS screws up another property it acquired from Paramount.

To review history:

The original Brady Bunch series: Iconic.

The follow up movies and specials, even with a few cast replacements: Not bad, kept the tone but started to wane. Best of them was "A Very Brady Christmas."

"The Bradys": the attempt to turn the Brady Bunch into a prime time soap: Didn't last long.

The first "Brady Bunch" movie with Gary Cole and Shelley Long: Completely missed the tone of the series, was just a rehash of famous Brady bits, and turned the family into an anachronistic joke.

The second movie, "A Very Brady Sequel": Again, a rehash of the Brady's infamous Hawaii trip and other bits. Also revealed Carol's missing first husband was The Professor from "Gilligan's Island."

The third movie, "The Brady Bunch In The White House": Direct to DVD. 'nuff said.

With what CBS allowed Paramount Pictures to do with Star Trek, what can we possibly expect from a rebooted Brady series? They're already turning "The Munsters" into "Mockingbird Lane"...
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