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Originally Posted by Chator
Trek is whatever they say it is. Paramount and J.J. have capitalized on the iconography of Trek, so its symbolism has come to identify what Trek is rather than its storytelling. Gone is the undercurrent of social commentary, the moral conflicts of its characters, the attempt to dramatize philosophical viewpoints in a way that entertains while expanding awareness.
Argh that's depressing, I hope you're wrong here!

With serialisation/standalone we've seen that both have their own merits, both can draw ratings and both can make it hard to keep your audience depending on who's watching.

TNG and VOY were more or less standalone but also had running themes over the course of the shows. I think audiences like running themes in terms of character development and the progression of certain aspects of a story like seeing a political situation unfold in the background over a season and how it's nodded to in the series. This type of structure could work again, straddling the middleground, keep the main plots standalone but have a serialised background keeping the show up to date within it's own continuity.
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