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Depends on what reboot means. It can mean redoing old characters like it is done right now and it can mean starting from scratch and doing a BSG-style Trek. I still think about these two like I did before, I am indifferent about them.

If it means doing another Next Gen and repeating the magic of making your open universe denser then I do think that there is some merit in it although I am admittedly not sure whether some kind of static balance like in ENT and ST09 might not be superior.
As everybody wants serialized TV these days I seriously doubt that my idea will materialize but one has to point out that Trek has been good precisely when it built its cosmos, not when it swam in the void like in the beginning or in its own piss like in the end (which includes the present). OK, that is an exaggeration, of course Trek has been good during TOS and of course the cosmos has been beneficial after TNG but you get my point, the heydays are when you move from one to the other, i.e. middle TNG.

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