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It's more complex.

You always claimed that ST09 is a reboot which got rid of all the problems of post-TNG while I claimed that it is just a semi-reboot.
In my above post I furthermore pointed out that ST09 is structurally similar to ENT as both try to innovate while maintaining the big cosmos, the weight of continuity which can be contrasted with the freshness of building this very cosmos (as well as the 'single episodes, empty galaxy' type of storytelling of TOS and early TNG) during TNG.

So what I actually favour is not a pseudo-prequel or -reboot like ENT or ST09 but a radical cut which enables the next show to do this again. You believe that the only problem has been that the same guys have been at the helm for too long, I think that the problem still persists and is a structural one that is related to the question of serialization/epicness/continuity vs. single stories, lonely out there atmosphere and whether the franchise has to dynamically go through this again like during TNG or whether it can statically create a balance between these elements like in ENT and ST09.

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