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Thanks for the link EC, it's a fine post. When I try to come up with a rough setup, e.g. a retro 23rd century series that plays on a colony, a freighter or a space station, I think along structurally similar lines, i.e. a highly serialized series that stays at a certain place or with certain characters.

While this might very well be the future of Trek as contemporary sci-fi is often fairly serialized I also believe that from a historical perspective Trek was best around the middle of TNG, when it changed from telling short-stories to novels, when there was this magic of setting up a cosmos that is there to say (it's kinda like a kid playing with Lego, the actual pleasure lies not in playing with finished stuff but in building it), when it captured the best of both worlds, a sense of wonder about a cosmos that is about to be explored as well as the grandeur of stories that will continue.

You cannot tell stories like City or Inner Light in a serialized setting and as much as well all love epic stories, the truth is that the Dominion War or the Xindi conflict are basically just one story.
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