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Of course the Andorians and Vulcans have been great but in the case of the latter there was quite some fan resistance. Perhaps this is different in the case of the Romulans and Klingons; they have been changed after TOS so the fan perception is that they are plastic (and that classic aliens like the Andorians who just appeared once are as well; they might be old but still in the maturing phase so to say) but that the Vulcans are fixed.

I think that whatever emerges after this trilogy is over has to not just care about reinventing characters or aliens or superficial stuff like cinematography and designs but in general virtually start from the beginning. The same is after all already true for ENT and ST09, the problem is not that they have not been daring enough in some respects but that they have not fundamentally started with a fairly empty universe in the broadest sense although the labels prequel and reboot would have justified that.
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