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I'd have to re-check my list to see how many episodes my abbreviated versions of TNG and VOY currently are. Most of DS9 has yet to be added to my list, however I expect it would have the highest batting average of all Trek (even though I don't think it ever ascends as high as the very best of TNG/TOS... but it doesn't drop as low either)

I'm pretty finicky about this list, also. For example, I won't acknowledge 'Birthright, part 2' just because I've already added part 1.

The 'tech the tech' stuff... even though I believe it all too well, I still can't quite wrap my mind around it. Imagine if you were actually writing dialogue around that. You are (literally) writing nothing. For all you know, you could be forcing the editors and continuity checkers to contradict themselves. For instance, if you have three point-counterpoint-counterpoint lines of 'tech the tech' dialogue, and yet the [tech] was already of such that Okuda/Sternbach/whoever would have had it covered in two. So now he has to twist his previously-established hypothetical tech around just to satisfy the number of lines you need him to revise.

I mean, I just can't even fathom writing like that. It's a factory line approach. Once your franchise has come to that, I don't see that it even matters how many 'fresh' story ideas you have.

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