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I will rewatch them all (VOY) but there have been a few even so far that basically couldn't end quickly enough ('Parturition' and 'Twisted' being a recent case or two) but when it comes to a lot of the show I'm already renewed and reaffirmed in my feelings about the intrusive-ness of technobabble in the show (again a recent example would be 'Non-sequiter') and the use of it to pad out airtime and fill scenes with dialogue basically not relevant to any story.

In fact the above episode would kinda be a contender for an episode like the ones that Ron Moore alluded to in his 'tech the tech' interview.

But I think I could probably pull together about thirty or so episodes of it to form a much abbreviated 'series' that I could watch. The rest I would expect to be a case of being able to leave them for a good while again.

TNG - I'm more forgiving of seasons 1 and 2 than others, for me it's more about seasons 1 to 5 with some scattered episodes in the final two. I think it was in a rut by that point again that it was cancelled from before time could tell if it would have emerged from.
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