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That sounds like a good idea. I hope they do address everything because this is a really awesome set.

To me TNG is mostly about the first four seasons. S1-2 have the ideal sound and vibe for ST (not to mention the nostalgia factor), while S3-4 have the highest overall writing, direction and production. So hopefully we get those seasons HD converted with no more of these hickups to endanger consumer interest in the project.

On my list, I show the middle seasons of VOY S4-5 are about even with TNG S2 or S6, which is to say there are a good 10 or so re-watchable episodes per season. Other seasons of VOY are about even with TNG S1 or S7... in other words maybe 5-7 good episodes per season at the most. VOY S7 scores the worst with just 4 re-watchables (Hmm... sounds like I may have burned out -once again- by that point and stopped watching. I really can't remember). Stinker episodes are like land mines that leave you permanently weakened... and even with a really trusted review site you can't avoid them all. Makes it REALLY hard to find all that is good. Whether I ever do or not, I expect there are at least a couple dozen VOY eps that I will simply never see in my lifetime.

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