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Well I would have to agree on VOY. In totality my opinion of it as a complete series is low. The plus side of recently fully rewatching Season 1 and now working through season 2 via rental is that I'm actually happy with that assessment of the show so far holding up to my memory.

Given it's been a good number of years since I've watched this much of it in continuity since I never replaced my VHS collection with DVD at the time.

But even within that umbrella opinion of the show there are episodes which turned out good or even above for me. Not perhaps many out of them all, so there's a lower batting average than I would give TNG but then I would have no problem saying that while overall I love TNG as series, it doesn't mean I can't find stinkers of shows amongst them.

Anyway, I put the Season 1 blu-ray on my rental list for the moment. I expect I will buy the set as well at some point but may as well now wait to see if these reported issues can be addressed.
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