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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I do agree with some of the problems 'Farpoint' has and yet because I saw it so young at the time it remains locked in my head as my favourite of the pilot episodes.

I wonder (and would presume) that the region 2 box sets would have the same issue. Although I don't know how one would ever know when they would be able to identify a 'fixed' set on a shelf.

The comments on S1 and TNG are however, a useful reminder of how strongly some folks seemed to hate TNG in it's early years. I would still say the bulk of S1 and S2 are more enjoyable than S6 and S7 myself.

I do get surprised by some of the comments about TNG though. Although I probably shouldn't.
Heated reactions seem to be the social norm for just about anything. The new Batman I think had the biggest opening this year (I believe they said?) but we still have to tear it apart even while we're happily consuming it. And I think reactions can be truthful but still not necessarily reliable. My reaction to VOY is that I've pretty much written it off. And yet somewhere I have a list of all the Berman Trek's that I consider 'rewatchable' (I've been very slowly building it over the years for archival purposes)... and plenty of VOY eps are on it. Clearly I haven't been able to write it off.

I personally would have to rank 'Farpoint' as my least favorite ST pilot, just because I don't believe it's well scripted, well directed or well blocked. However I do have more nostalgia for seasons 1-2 of TNG in general, even though my list shows a stronger batting average for seasons 5-6 by comparison. My earliest memories of TNG are the anticipation generated from catching the countdown promos during re-runs of TOS, and they are not on the BluRay (seems to me the episode teasers also used to 'explode' like that at the end... however the teasers I've seen so far on the BluRay are the re-touched ones circulated later on, with that streamlined 3D 'wipe' effect used instead). I had seen TVH and loved it (barely able to follow most of the 23rd century parts), but TNG was the first ST that was truly mine.

So anyway my aforementioned enthusiasm has renewed since receiving the set. Even though, yes, the audio is messed up. The good news is CBS seems to be taking their response seriously. Here's some follow-up.

As for corrected discs, there were issues with the Back to the Future DVDs some ten years ago. Universal swore back and forth that corrected copies would be easy to identify by the barcode. But every time I looked at a copy... I could tell by the barcode that it was the original (defective) pressing. I guess they weren't defective enough to recall. I finally ordered mine from Canada... and still ended up with the first pressing. Called customer service, mailed the discs in, got replacements in a couple weeks (Problem solved, after waiting over a year to buy them in the first place).

Anyway, my TNG BluRay loads first thing with a dozen different language options (French, Dutch, Italian, etc). So I believe these are non-region discs, and the same ones you would be getting. So I would imagine solutions will present themselves as soon as CBS is ready (let's just hope they're thorough in their inspection).

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