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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
On a more positive note, Trekmovie has begun reviewing the remastered episodes. It doesn't seem like there would be much to review content-wise (I mean for the most part the eps aren't going to be all that different aside from looking more film-like), however as long as it's there...
I do agree with some of the problems 'Farpoint' has and yet because I saw it so young at the time it remains locked in my head as my favourite of the pilot episodes.

I wonder (and would presume) that the region 2 box sets would have the same issue. Although I don't know how one would ever know when they would be able to identify a 'fixed' set on a shelf.

The comments on S1 and TNG are however, a useful reminder of how strongly some folks seemed to hate TNG in it's early years. I would still say the bulk of S1 and S2 are more enjoyable than S6 and S7 myself.

I do get surprised by some of the comments about TNG though. Although I probably shouldn't.
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