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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
Have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the opening ceremony, it went without a hitch and actually stands up well to Bejing. Bejing was meant to impress and London seems to want to entertain, and I was entertained so thumbs up there.
Yeah, I liked most of what they did - while it started out looking a bit like The Shire I liked the depiction of the Industrial Revolution, the tribute to the National Health Service and the kids (I had read about the giant Voldemort and thirty Mary Poppins' flying in beforehand and wasn't sure how that would work) but I thought the four decades of music bit didn't work as well.

I liked the forging of the Olympic symbol in the sky and then the idea and execution of the Olympic flame being lit and it's design.

Have to applaud the organisation and co-ordination of making it all work to schedule, and i think the only snafu was a sound issue at the start of Paul McCartney.
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