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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
In general everything can be made fun of. These here are rape jokes after all but they are in no way making fun of the victims.

It is probably hard to imagine a joke about 9/11 or the Holocaust but let's not forget Benigni's Life is Beautiful. You cannot portray the Shoah as a a tragedy because in a tragedy characters retain a certain level of dignity which was not the case with concentration camp victims so only comedy (or ordinary drama beyond the comedy-tragedy distinction) is able to truly portray the horrors.
Very interesting points.

Ultimately, yes, pretty much everything can be made fun of.
For example:
I am from West Virginia. That in itself should be a joke, but there's so much more. Describe a West Virginia virgin? A 5 year old that can somehow outrun her daddy. What is the West Virginia state flower? Used to be the rhododendron. Now it's the satellite dish. What do divorces and tornadoes in West Virginia have in common? In the end, someone's likely gonna lose a trailer.

I think, if nothing can be made light of (within reason...not necessarily taste, but within reason), then we would not survive as a species. It is said that laughter is the best medicine. As was clearly evidenced by the old Russian joke you linked to, sometimes, laughter can be the best defense mechanism against insanity or depression.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park) make fun of EVERYTHING. Hardly anything is sacred. Their jokes on dianetics and Scientology caused Isaac Hayes (a Scientologist, I guess), who played "Chef" to leave the show in protest. WOW. He could be on the show and make fun of every other religion, faith, discipline, or philosophy, but when it came to satirizing the CoS, he lost it?

I'm a person of faith, and I make religious jokes all the time! (The one I made up and posted earlier is just one example. The following joke is not one of my originals, but I find it very funny.)
Jesus, Moses, and an old man are playing golf.
The hole they are currently playing has a water hazard. Jesus is up first. He takes his shot. The ball lands in the hazard. So, he walks on the water, picks up the ball, returns to shore with a penalty.
Moses lines up for his shot. He takes it, and the ball drops in the water. Walking to the water's edge, he raises his golf club like the staff he carried, and the water parts. He walks in, and takes the penalty.
So the old man lines up his shot. Ball doesn't even make it a third of the way across the water hazard. But, before the ball hits the water, a bass jumps up out of the water and catches the ball in its mouth. But, before the bass can go back under, an eagle flies down out of the sky, and catches the bass in its talons. The eagle flies up with the bass, and just as they are about to fly over the "hole", the bass drops the ball. "Hole in ONE!"
Jesus shakes his head, looks at the old man with a smile and says: "Nice shot, Dad!"

Pa dum, bum...tssss!

Granted, the previous joke was nowhere near offensive (at least to anyone who has a broad sense of humor concerning faith) but I am sure there are those who would be offended by it, simply because they feel that faith, religion, what have you, MUST NOT BE made light of.

Jesus is on the cross...been there for some time.
A young boy goes walking by. He calls weakly out to the boy.
"Boy, can you get me down from this cross?"
The boy says: "I know not, Lord."
"Can you try?"
"I'll try, Lord. Let me go get a claw."
A few minutes later, the boy returns with the appropriate tool for the job. Jesus says: "Ah, good, young one. Now, just.....whoa...wait....FEET FIRST!!!!!"

Pa da bum! Tssss!

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