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Originally Posted by JR585 View Post
9/11 jokes are plane wrong, anne frankly I find Holocaust jokes to be tasteless too.

Very punny!

In truth, the joke I told (made up by yours truly, btw...thank you, thank're too kind...please...please stop hurling the tomatoes...please.....owww...hey, where did that rock come from?!) is a modification of a joke I'd made before.

The joke I originally made starts out largely the same, but there are only three men, none of any fame or infamy, unlike the modified joke I presented. The results of the first two encounters are the same...with the first two men taking off after the young girls.

The punchline goes like this for the original:

The third man sees a group of young boys go walking by. He stops a complete stranger and says: "Cover me, I'm going for the priesthood!"

Pa da-bum, tssssss!


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