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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I love tasteless jokes and I also like the structure of yours.
The only problem here is the implicit notion that the raped children deserve it to some degree as they model themselves upon stupid celebrities respectively that they could have avoided the violence if they hadn't looked like them.
But as usual I am overanalyzing.

Here is another tasteless joke which one can enjoy even if one doesn't agree with the political agenda (which, being an anti-communist, I clearly don't).
I can certainly understand your point of view on the "implied notion", Horatio. Although no implication was intended, I do get your point. I think your analysis is spot on....since kids (since time immemorial) do have a tendency to model themselves on people they look up to (or at)....especially those who have an "image" of a sort. (Re: Perry, Simpson, and Bieber.)

The joke you referenced afterward was amusing to hear, but the teller had a very strong counterpoint to it. It was interesting. Thanks for pointing it out.

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